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75 Self-Care Affirmations to Kick-Start Your Day

Self-care is important, but sometimes focusing on yourself can be difficult. One aspect of self-care is affirmations. But if you struggle to write your own affirmations or don’t know where to start, keep reading. This post is all about self-care affirmations.

Why Affirmations for Self-Care are Important?

To begin with, affirmations for self-care are fundamentally empowering. They serve as gentle but potent reminders that we possess the power to shape our own thoughts, attitudes, and experiences. Each of us carries an internal dialogue that can often be negative or self-defeating, and these affirmations help us to rewrite that script into one of self-empowerment and positivity.

Secondly, affirmations can be a major force in combating stress and anxiety. The world around us is filled with stressors, and it’s all too easy to get swept up in the worries and fears they can provoke. Regularly practicing affirmations, however, can help create a buffer of positivity and self-compassion that mitigates the impact of these stressors. This can have a profound effect on our overall well-being, as reducing stress is key to maintaining both mental and physical health.

Moreover, affirmations are instrumental in cultivating self-love and acceptance. They are not about creating a perfect world or a perfect self; they’re about acknowledging our strengths, embracing our imperfections, and loving ourselves regardless. When we use affirmations, we’re sending a powerful message to ourselves and the world: “I am worthy, I am enough, and I embrace myself as I am.”

Lastly, affirmations are a tool for mindfulness. The act of reciting an affirmation draws our attention to the present moment, to our thoughts, and to our feelings. They help us focus on the ‘now’, a practice known to be calming and beneficial for mental health. They invite us to pause, breathe, and be in touch with ourselves, allowing us to more deeply understand and care for our own needs.


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Self-Care Affirmations to Kick-Start Your Day

  1. I deserve to take care of myself.
  2. Self-care is an important part of my routine.
  3. I am worthy of love and care.
  4. I am deserving of rest and relaxation.
  5. I prioritize my mental health.
  6. I am kind and compassionate towards myself.
  7. I am allowed to say no to things that don’t serve me.
  8. I am capable of taking care of myself.
  9. I trust my intuition and take action accordingly.
  10. I am resilient and strong.
  11. I am grateful for my body and all that it does for me.
  12. I prioritize getting enough sleep for my well-being.
  13. I am worthy of setting boundaries.
  14. I nourish my body with healthy food and drink.
  15. I take breaks when I need them.
  16. I practice self-reflection and self-awareness.
  17. I forgive myself for mistakes and learn from them.
  18. I make time for the things that bring me joy.
  19. I am comfortable with asking for help when I need it.
  20. I am deserving of self-love and self-compassion.
  21. I am in control of my own happiness.
  22. I trust myself to make decisions that are best for me.
  23. I am worthy of taking time to recharge.
  24. I am capable of achieving my goals.
  25. I prioritize my physical health.
  26. I honor my emotions and allow myself to feel them fully.
  27. I practice gratitude and focus on the positive.
  28. I am worthy of love and belonging.
  29. I take time to connect with nature and find peace.
  30. I prioritize spending time with people who lift me up.
  31. I am deserving of a fulfilling life.
  32. I give myself permission to let go of things that no longer serve me.
  33. I am worthy of respect and kindness from myself and others.
  34. I listen to my body and give it what it needs.
  35. I prioritize my mental well-being.
  36. I am allowed to take a break and relax without feeling guilty.
  37. I am grateful for the simple pleasures in life.
  38. I am worthy of taking time for myself.
  39. I believe in my own strength and resilience.
  40. I am deserving of love and happiness.
  41. I practice self-care as an act of self-love.
  42. I am allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.
  43. I honor my own feelings and needs.
  44. I am grateful for my unique talents and abilities.
  45. I am capable of overcoming challenges.
  46. I prioritize my emotional well-being.
  47. I trust myself to make the right decisions for me.
  48. I am deserving of peace and serenity.
  49. I am allowed to ask for support when I need it.
  50. I am worthy of taking care of myself, just as I take care of others.
  51. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  52. I prioritize taking care of my heart and soul.
  53. I am deserving of a life filled with happiness and joy.
  54. I am grateful for the people in my life who support and encourage me.
  55. I am deserving of self-acceptance and self-love.
  56. I believe in my own abilities and potential.
  57. I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.
  58. I prioritize my spiritual well-being.
  59. I am grateful for my unique perspective on the world.
  60. I am worthy of taking time to celebrate my accomplishments.
  61. I practice self-care as an act of self-respect.
  62. I am allowed to say no to things that do not align with my values.
  63. I am deserving of a life that is authentic and fulfilling.
  64. I honor my own needs and desires.
  65. I am grateful for the abundance in my life.
  66. I am capable of adapting to change and growth.
  67. I prioritize my social well-being and connections with others.
  68. I am worthy of positive relationships that uplift me.
  69. I practice self-care as an act of self-preservation.
  70. I am allowed to take things one day at a time.
  71. I am deserving of a life filled with purpose and meaning.
  72. I am grateful for the opportunities that come my way.
  73. I am capable of learning and growing from my experiences.
  74. I prioritize my creative expression and passion projects.
  75. I am worthy of love, happiness, and abundance in all areas of my life.

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How to Use Self-Care Affirmations?

There are several ways to use self-care affirmations. You can use them on their own, or combine them with other self-improvement methods, such as meditation and journaling.

Here are Some Ways You Can Use Affirmations:

Write down a list of affirmations. Pick some that resonate with you, and write them down somewhere where you’ll see them often. For example, write them on sticky notes and put them around your house or office; write them on a post-it note and stick it on your computer screen; or keep a notebook near where you work out so you can see it during your workouts.

Say the same affirmation every morning when you wake up and every night before bed. This will help reinforce the belief in your subconscious mind that what the statement says is true for you at this time in your life, so over time it will become easier for you to believe this about yourself without having to think about it consciously all the time!

Say an affirmation out loud several times per day while doing something else like driving or exercising (if possible). This helps reinforce the belief even further.

Final Words

There are dozens of self-care affirmations out there, and I am sure that you can come up with many more on your own. The point is to think about the things that help YOU feel good, healthy, and vibrant, and find a way to put them into words. Find out what makes YOU happy. Surround yourself with those things. It can be as simple as taking a hot bath, eating your favorite meal (at least once in a while), or getting whatever you crave at that very moment.

It’s all about doing things that make YOU feel good physically and emotionally.






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